Closeness, and the Love it Brings

Forgive me as I play catch-up.  I am new to the computer, and new to finding my voice again.

My name is Rebecca Morse, and my family is on a journey to squeeze as much love and affection out of this time in our lives as humanly possible.

This journey really began for us with babywearing.  It was always the mission, don’t get me wrong, but having, holding, and co-sleeping with my children has really brought things to a whole new place, as far as how I define love and it’s limits.(or lack thereof) Therefore I have come to the realization that the amount of love and affection I am going to squeeze out of this time could be endless, and I think that a blog could be a way for me to experience this love to an even fuller degree by sharing it with my family and friends far away, as well as documenting it for personal reflection. Without further ado, the pictures, and the bits that go along with them. . .

This first post is for catch-up

This is our first babywearing snapshot.  Lion is less than 10 day old and in a moby wrap,  We sure have come a long way since then!

Lion was a fussy babe, (due to food sensitivities that were as yet undiscovered)  and he drove us to experiment heavily with babywearing.  Wraps, Carriers, everything we could get our hands on.   Considering we had no internet and no sleep it’s surprising how many pictures I have of us babywearing Lion’s first 2 years and how many carriers we got to try!

Lion is around 6 to 8 months in all of these pics.  Ringslings, hybrid carriers, wraps, we had them all.

on the plane

Central Park West

Babywearing has served us well.  I would love to return the favor.

lion sleeps though a candle lit dinner in Manhattan, nobody could believe their eyes!


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