Babywearing School In Utah

What can I say about this experience that pictures cannot?  It was In Utah that I met my German teachers Nicole, and Petra. Also my friend Arie who is seen role playing with me at the bottom of this post.  They taught me the nuances of wrapping, the basics of infant spine development, about certain kinds of common special needs in children, babies, and parents as well as how to delicately work with new parents interested in all manner of babywearing.  Nothing has been the same since Utah.  Arie Taught me to dream big and what babywearing education could be because of the canadian governments more open minded health policies all owing her to work with doctors and nurses. If you thought I was in love with babywearing before, after I came home from my trip with Lion and my best friend Meaghan (and Judah in my belly 10 wks)  I was beyond hooked, and on my way to becoming a passionate teacher and advocate of babywearing.

Becca learning from Nicole in Utah

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