Bringing Us Into the New Year Closer Than Ever

Well now we are all caught up to today.  Tonight is new years eve, and contrary to the title of this entry, Kyle and I will be going out tonight, without the kids, for the third time since Judah’s birth.  We are actually going to a fancy party and I am so disappointed that I don’t get to wear a fancy sling!  Does that make me strange?  But seriously, I am really looking forward to connecting with my husband and dancing and celebrating this wonderful year with him.  Our children are going to be home with Dammie (dah-me) and hopefully sleep through it all. (fingers crossed)

My hopes for this new year include a major goal of finding a way to spend more time together as a family, which we all wish we could do, as well as growing the babywearing service to include more regular classes, and a preschooler sized kinderpack for people wish to carry their older heavier children for, whatever reasons they may have (usually sp. needs).

Ok today’s wrapping!

Here is the Rabeneltern that came in the didy box from Hungary yesterday.  It features a beautiful family with a babywearing daddy!  Kyle and I love this wrap now.  If we had a 3rd kid, I’m not so sure I’d still love it, but right now, it is perfect for us!

Blue and White Rabeneltern

Blue and white Raben


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