Discovering The Babywearer

It was the Website The  that really helped me to visualize how I could become the teacher and babywearer I wanted to be.  The members on there taught me how to use my camera to show the world what babywearing was, and how to get it done, as far as starting (or re invigorating) a babywearing group in our area to spread the babywearing bug.  They also taught me through experience, the value of the internet and of recording what I had done for the benifit of others and myself.  This community also allowed me to gather a mass of used carriers to create a library for teaching and lending.  My Library continues to grow thanks to TBW’er and it benifits every parent in our area in contact with us.  Thank you so much to The Babywearer for what it has brought to our families life.  Let’s just say that overposting on TBW’er is what gave me the idea to start this blog.

Summer 09 Grillin' Fundraiser for Hunger

Picking Pumpkins '09 Wing Farms


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