Picture Frenzy!

I thought I would insert here some of my favorite snapshots of our family babywearing from 2009 before the year changes.  I really was a bit trigger happy for the last 4 months since we got our nicer camera. . .

Vintage Didymos Violet White Indio

Self shot while dad was at work

New for the end of this year for our family was the GFCF diet.  You can google it if you want, I don’t want to talk about food anymore this year at all. . .

break from cooking and cleaning respectively

Caren teaching me to change carriers on a sleeping baby!

Getting Ann Arbor Babywearers going again has been an absolutely fab experience.  Caren is so fun and sweet to work with and has so many babywearing skills!  Look at her go!  I expect Ann Arbor Babywearers to become something really big in 2010!

silk indio snuggles

Judah 7 1/2 months

On our front porch, Lion at Dammie's house

Kyle and Katherine, our new niece, at Thanksgiving

The kids with Dammie and Pappa, Thanksgiving

Temp trading wraps with Meaghan. . .

Tandem wearing, Leaving AABW'ers

Wearing and Nursing at Yehudah's naming ritual

Morse Family Christmas

Ann Arbor Babywearers

Green Family Hanukkah

Lauren & Judah

Some of my new TBW'er friends getting together at AABW'ers

Climbing stairs Dec. 30


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