First Day of the New Year

This morning was one of those beautiful mornings where Kyle didn’t have to go to work and the new year felt full of love.  This is what I saw while I was cooking breakfast.

I spent the day catching the house up as far as laundry, cleaning etc.   Judah took her morning nap on my back in our dyed purple pfau, while I did these things.

I am so bad about Judah being able to crawl now.  Every time I turn around she is across the room.  Our friend Lauren has been around lately and such a big help:

Lauren doing dishes and wearing Judah in Fresh Grapes

Keeping up with this house is hard, but worth it.                   I baked GFCF brownies today and cooked food for the coming week.   The Boys love sugar, and being gluten and dairy free makes treats feel hard to come by for all.  I try to remind myself, that baking is easier than finding yummy store-bought gfcf cookies/brownies!

We fed many passers through today, and enjoyed the holiday and all of our friends and family very much!   The main feature of the day was discussing improving our financial situation and family circle by possibly renting part of our home to a friend, and having him join in our adventures for a while.  Dream or reality,  it’s a pretty exciting prospect!

Chicken Fried Brown Rice


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