EC Success!

Lion and Kyle went to race at the dirt track today all day, and us girls did errands and stayed home.  Judah has been having real success with infant potty training (ec) and today was no exception.

Using the big girl potty!

Rainbow So soft babylegs are our favorite!

Lauren and I both enjoyed wearing Judah today.  She is such a cuddly baby.  Because she has been going in the potty so well today we have been wearing her diaper free.  Lauren chose Earthy rainbow in Kaela ringsling form, and Judah took a big nap in Didymos linen goldfish on my back today while I made tuna salad for our family and guests.

Lauren and Judah, Rockin' Earthy Rainbow Girasol

Nap in Goldfish

Beloved Friends

Being alone with Judah is very rewarding!  Tons of smiles, and her little diaper free bum crawling around is so precious.

sweet baby breath on the back of my neck

At the dirt traack Racing RC cars

All tired out, it's an all day affair. . .


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