Edith’s First Birthday Party!

Well isn’t that just something!  A whole year old.  Our best friend’s baby is a year old already.  Children really mark the passing of time much quicker then anything I have experienced before.   What a wonderful quiet get together, and the children all had a blast.  Edith was signing and talking up a storm!  We gave her tiny undies (she uses the potty too) and a ball with her name on it.  She was especially happy about all of her new books.    What an angel.

Night rainbow girasol to get ready for the party

Beloved Friends

Judah in Blue/White Raben, for the 10 minutes she was awake. . .

The Birthday Girl!


Teething kept Judah asleep through most of the fun

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You


good baby friends!

Opening presents

Puff the Magic Dragon

Judah woke up and played for the last 15 minutes of the party.


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