A Truly Eventful day!

No other title could go with today!  We Started out with more ec success with Judah.


Judah has also been a really enthusiastic eater lately!

yummy rice!

Today was Ann Arbor Babywearers at the mall.  A lot of moms showed up and even a new mom with a 4 week old baby!  Caren bought a Graphite cashmere blend indio and let me and Meaghan have a go.

Me and Judah in Graphite Cashmere Indio

arriving in light blue fish gradation "night dive"

Graphite Cashmere Indio, Soft, smooth, light, and thin.

Caren, it's her wrap after all!

Peekaboo Edith!

Caren and I decided to temporarily trade goldfish for graphite cashmere.  I think the babes approved of the swap!

Caren's youngest asleep in Goldfish

Judah asleep in graphite

Becca and 4 week old visitor to AABWers

First backcarry today!

The wrapping fun continued with a planned trip with Meaghan and Caren to The Little Seedling, to meet our friends special wrap Pamir.  It always been made a big fuss over on TBW’er and is super pricey, so I have always wanted to try one for free and this was a great opportunity and so much fun!  Here are some pics of our stop to meet Mr. P

Judah in Jessica's pamir in a semi-fwcc

Pamir is amazing.  Even if you wrap sloppy and dont tighten through the width of the fabric and just shove your baby in there are no pressure points or anything.  I get it now.  After our pamir party meaghan stopped by and the wrapping fun continued with her borrowed pfau from jessica

RRRR with black and white pfau shorty

Caren’s house needed a little plumbing work, so we headed over there with our own dinner, and invaded their kitchen, and both the kids and adults had a blast.  Kyle had that hot water running in no time!


Beautiful Caren

Caren and her youngest

Kyle displaying the removed leak, in Nati savannah

Wrap heavy?  I’d say so!  But tuesdays always are with AABW’ers. 🙂  Trying the special pamir was a highlight I will not soon forget.  Caren’s house was wonderful and the boys had a blast.  Caren and I have so much to talk about, it feels like we could hang out all the time and never stop talking.  Babywearing really lights us both up, and the success of this group is really important to both of us. 🙂

On another note, we are sleeping upstairs in our new room (well our old room but , nevermind)  for the first time in a while as our good friend will be moving into the downstairs this week and we have cleared out for him.  Very exciting!!


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