Errands and Love

Thats what we did today.  Judah bonked her head a million times this morning trying to pull up and walk and cruise.

looking at books together

I finally wrapped her down for a long morning nap.

First time in Jade Royal Soooo cushy and supportive.

I also discovered a great new ec trick this morning!  Instead of baby socks and baby legs, I have put my own angora socks on judah and pulled them all the way up!  It works so well around the house diaper free!

Great EC discovery!

It took me forever to get out of the house with the kids but we went to 3 different food stores and both kids were amazing.  But the fun always starts when Daddy gets home.

Drum Drum Drum!

We had amazing gfcf nacho’s that I really should have taken a picture of for dinner.  This diet is not easy, but it sure is tasty!  It is a lot of extra work for mom.  Extra shopping, extra cooking and extra cleaning.  I really am looking forward to the growing season when we can really grow a lot of our own food.

the end of a beautiful day


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