Snow Outside Keeps Us Busy Inside. . .

I woke up early this morning and started cooking and cleaning. Judah was in my temp traded Graphite Cashmere blend indio and fussing up a storm!

Graph. Cashmere on loan from Caren.

Then Judah got an Herbal bath in the kitchen sink while Lion played along side her.

Water Fun!

After the bath Judah went down for a nap for and hour on my back while I continued housework, and Lion played very well untill our playdate with friends began!  Caren came over with her 3 boys and she really helped me get my carriers in order and put a few things up fsot.

Morning Nap in Blue/white Millie here on a temporary trade from B.C.

The boys had a blast and really enjoyed all of the food and snacks.  Boys!  Such energy!

Gluten and Dairy Free Brownies

Snack tray (chips and salsa, lentil dip, and guacamole)

GFCF Chicken Noodle Soup

After Caren, Lauren and Tucker stopped by to start moving Tuckers things in downstairs!  It looks like he will be all moved in by sunday if the weather cooperates.  Lauren and Lion had lots of fun shoveling snow and watching it fall from the sky. 🙂

Lauren is so beloved by our children!

Today marks a real change in how we live.  Downstairs is now Tucker’s space.  We will have to get used to that.  But I think it is going to be a great adventure for our family.

It snowed all day and it is still snowing now.  We might have 6-8 inches in the morning!


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