More Fun Together

Our first amazing activity of the morning was Lion making his own Christmas tree from daddies headlamps!

Trimming the "tree"

turning on the lights of the christmas tree

This morning, daddy had to shovel quite a bit!

Finally Snowing!

After daddy left for work, we all fell back asleep.  When we woke up, we had to explain to Gillian why we were not there!  We decided to stay home again, and Lauren stopped through on the way to get her schoolbooks, and the mail brought a fluffy from sleeping baby productions. . .

2 New ringslings from SBP!

While we were enjoying opening the mail. . .

freeze dried strawberry madness!

Dustbuster Time. . .

Then we tried on the slings!

Natural mamma's girasol

Short tail because I split the wrap with a sweet mamma

Slings bring so much closeness! Thank you Jan at SBP!

This sling was entirely non functional until Jan made it over!

I guess freeze dried strawberries make you thirsty. . .

Uppies in Peacock Girasol while I cleaned the kitchen

Resulting in a long back nap. Old Giras are so supportive and snuggly!

Snuggly peace

While I cleaned and Judah napped, Lion had a freezie! He was so fun today!

Herbal Bath Fun!

Daddy wore Judah all night till bedtime


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