Tuesday Overrun With Babywearing!

Today was Ann Arbor Babywearers.  I rushed out the door to check out a new space that The Indigo Forest is considering.  Very exciting!  Then on to BW’ers.   9 people today which is a great turnout.  Moms are really enjoying the group I think.  Caren and her boys were home with a bug, so we fielded questions on our own today, and Melissa brought Jack and Katherine!!

Polkka LE  old weave girasol to get out the door

Wearing Maggie in Caren's Graphite Cashmere

Judah was jealous so uppies in Jade Royal for a nap

Lion Taking a Break on the Sling Pile

Yay! Family Arrives!

Hello Cousin Katherine!

Melissa and Katherine

All the wearers today! This group is having success!

Zara Forest for afternoon nap around the house.

not the greatest picture, but here we are today!

The boys went to help maintain the track at their rc car racing club after dinner, and Judah and I went to bed early for the night.   I hope the boys had tons of fun!


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