I Used the Oven a lot Today!

This morning I made a breakfast sausage pizza.  Lion is quickly becoming fascinated by the world of food we can’t eat, and I am struggling to make our diet more fun.

Breakfast sausage pizza with soy cheese and spinach peppers and onions

I was struggling to wrap this morning, so I tossed judah in lion’s backpack (nanna’s jetpack)  and she looks really uncomfortable in these pictures!

not wrapped, but it will do. . .

Then on to Whole Foods for our food shopping today, and then off to the mall playspace to share in Caren’s special fluffy box of 3 handwoven ellville wraps!!!  le deli, zara fresh and jade fog.  She was to pick and fall in love with one, and it looks like it’s fresh! (but maybe fog too 🙂 . . . .)

Lauren met us at whole foods

Preston looking "fresh"

Judah Buddah Beautiful

In the box Caren got from her vendor friend was a swatch pack for all ellville wraps!!!  EEEK!!!!  I had a wrap geekout!  All of the jades in the swatchpack were handwoven, but all of the zaras were the new machine woven and I got to finally compare them with my own handwoven one.  Also baked gfcf brownies, no pics, maybe tomorrow. 🙂

The swatchpack!!!!!!

One of many geekey comparison pics

Dancing to our new Tot Shabbat cd!

do you have some pants that you really love?

Lena shorty, for the first time since it arrived, tried both kids, pics of just one

then Judah needed uppies while I made dinner, but no wrap would do!

first a big yawn in petite prince, but then a big tantrum. . . .


Then Forest for a second try, no nap, but it lasted way longer than petite prince. . .

Nachos! (not pictured, rice and beans 🙂 )

Tucker was home from school in time for dinner

Tomorrow is friends day (parenting arts) and I am hoping to convince Lion that a trip to our play group is in order.  Lets hope for lots of friends there!


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