Friends Day!

This morning we ran around the house in Aare made over by Sleeping Baby Productions.  On most Thursdays we head out early to our Parenting Arts Attachment Parenting Playgroup.

Slingafied Didymos Aare

Then we spent the whole morning at playgroup.

Ella and Lion Making Music

RUB in Night Rainbow 2

Gretchen saw my RUB and said, “I want to do that!  It looks simple!”  and so it is. . . .

first Ruck tied under bum attempt by my buddy

Up and Over!

I love how wraps mold to whatever shape your baby is in at that moment. You can be sure Max was passed out in a few.

So since my shorty was co-opted 🙂 we took our morning nap in our newly returned linen blend goldfish and Gretchen snapped a couple pics of us!

Happy to have the fishies home!

Sweet snuggle

Lots of people at PA had questions about their carriers and borrowed from the library.   It was so great to be helping people today!  Here are some more happy snuggles my friends had with their babes in our carriers.

old o&a


Judah, Meaghan, and Edith and I (and Lion) all went out for Thai food after!

I had more geekey Zara/jade swatchpack fun fielding requests from my online friends.

Niike, Ocean, and Infinity

Looking back at this Blog is already so fun!  I am really happy with my resolution, if you will, to do this fun journal!


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