Yesterday Lion was with Gillian for the morning while Judah and I cleaned the house in our vintage Lena shorty.

Lena Didymos

Then we had an amazing chinese lunch, all girls!  4 generations!

Judah, Nanna, and Babba

Then I went to Gillian’s to get Lion, and Gretchen was eager to practice her RUB again!

Gretchen and Max in Lena, she went home with them. . .

This morning Didymos put a very special wrap on e-bay to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  It is a cashmere-silk-organic cotton blend fish.  I have not been able to stop thinking about it and talking about it to everybody all day. Everybody is starting to look at me funny!

The children both napped at the same time yesterday which means I got to cook!  First Lauren and I made a GFCF Chicken Noodle Soup because the first one was such a hit last week.

We like to make it extra colorful with carrots, and red and yellow sweet peppers.

GFCF Waffle Sticks Lauren made to freeze for breakfasts this week.

We are still enjoying our GFCF Brownies baked a few days ago.

Today is Papa Green’s birthday, and a race day at the dirt track for the boys, and the girls go to work.  Whew, I’m excited just thinking about it!  Gotta Run!


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