Weekends Are Fun!

Oh how we love when daddy does not have to run off for work in the morning!

Airplane Ride for Lion!

Airplane Ride for Judah!

The Joy of Weekends Together as a Family!

And Mommy is for more practical needs. . . .

Nursing at the Computer

I was really excited to dress for work and pick a wrap today.  Wearing a beautiful wrap is the most special feeling!  Today was my Silk Indio Gradation by  Russian dye artist Ulyanna of Honeywrap, paired with a matching $3.00 shirt from valueworld secondhand store.  Don’t tell. 🙂

A Honeywrap Day is Always Exciting!!!

First I had to drop off the boys at their activity of the day.  Every other Saturday is R.C car racing club race day.

Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds Indoor R.C. Car Racing Club

Lion Watching the warm up, Kyle in the background

Kyle and Lion with some of their new racing buddies!

Then I was off to work. . .

Babywearing in the winter isn't always glamourous, but it is snuggly and warm

Wrapping a double hammock at work

While visiting the store next door to the one I work in in our little indoor mall at Kerrytown, I met the owner of the building for the first time in my life living in Ann Arbor.  He was very nice and we played with toys!

The owner of Kerrytown through Jan's toy camera at Mudpuddles

Judah Snuggie on my back while I broke down boxes and rubberbanded hangers at work

I got a call from Kyle saying that Lion had fallen asleep on his back, and that he had gotten second place in one of his races, and he would like to be picked up now. 🙂

Sleeping on daddies back while he races

Then it was off to papa Greene’s 64th birthday dinner at a beautiful thai restaurant. . .

Hoppa Hoppa!

Happy Birthday Pop pop!


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