Another Together Day, This One Out and About.

Look at our Cutie Patootie this morning!!!  (well this was Yesterday again. . .)


This is what breakfast looks like often with fussy little ones. . .

Big Sur SBP

I had a workshop today with some lovely families, one newborn and a set of 7 month old twins.  Both parents were babywearers ready to move on to the next level.

First me and the newborn, showing how it's done

Then Daddy

Mamma next, in her own wrap

Then some twin fun. . . . But pictures are to be kept private. 🙂

Little ones are happy in most carriers. . .

Judah Napped in our silk indio gradation most of the last of the workshop 🙂

This squishy boy was wrapped and re wrapped many times while asleep!

Then we went over to Preston’s Birthday Party!

Train time!

Birthday Boy!

Cake Time!

There's a Party in my Tummy! So Yummy, So Yummy!

Caren Cleaning up in her new Tulukwo (spell check)

Nursing in Caren's Earthy Rainbow SBP

Judah would not go to sleep in any other way besides a wrap when we got home.  So, Jade Royal.

Going down for the night in Royal

and the boys fell asleep playing puzzle games on daddies I pod

Puzzle Games


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