I Love Me Some Babywearing Tuesdays!

Well let’s get to it!  Everybody needed a new carrier today, and they seem to be hearing about ann arbor babywearers.  Wrappers were un- wrapping and trying carriers and carrier lovers were un -clippin’ and slingin’.  People were coming from across the mall saying, “can I try?”  I was in Heaven.  There were probably 20 people total today, at one time there were 16. 🙂  During all of this, Lion helped Nanna move Babba to University Senior Living, nearby the mall, and then we met at Zingermans for lunch all together.

Meaghan and a Scootababy

big brother to be, practicing wrapping with mamma

Ready to be a Brother

Highlight of my day, meeting this new member, who promptly mastered nursing in a ringsling. 🙂

Judah is getting close to Crusing along the furniture. . .

Itty Bitties

I Love When Mel comes, she is my wrapping superstar

And the student, becomes the teacher 🙂

First Ringsling Snuggles

Our wrap of the day, Polkka Old Weave Girasol.

We ended the day with a fabulous dinner of rice and beans and chicken,  It was a Huge hit with Lion and is a frequent lunch Kyle would like me to add to the dinner menu.  It’s not pretty, so no picture, but Oh so yummy!


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