Friends Day, Thursday, Fun Day!

Today we arrived on time to friends day and hung out with just one set of good buddies.

Natural Mamma's Girasol SBP (xxsmall and super cool)

More friends arrived as the time went on. . .

Playing with Masks

growing up fast

First time using a ringsling for this mamma!


First real spin in Karma. . .

Mamma built me my own house


Moved to the back for clean up.

2 in one OMT to run into Whole Foods. X-tra long straps make this awesomeness possible.

Tied tibetan and behind her back.

It was so quick, in and out and off to meet our friends for lunch.

Then I went home and Baked and Cooked while nursing Judah in our Taurus Bebina made over by Sleeping baby productions.  Brownies and Nachos!

Judah would have been a Taurus like Lion, but she was born 3 weeks early.


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