The Sickies go for a Visit. . . :)

gfcf breakfast of, chicken fried rice, eggs, orange slices and bacon and sausage

This morning was all about catering to the sickie boys.  However, we did have time today to squeeze in a couple of developmental milestones for Judah.  🙂

Signing "more" intently

Many times today!!!

Napping in Big Sur Girasol SBP

Our main outing of the day was to go to the Bell Choir Concert at Dammies church in Highland to watch her play the bells.

4 Bell Choirs Total

Lion and Dammie

Dammie "ringing"

The Highland Chior

The music was beautiful and dammie did great!

I wore Lion in Goldfish while Dammie was ringing, to take pictures.

Kyle and Judah hung out just outside the door to the sanctuary in Silk Indio Gradation by Becca's House/Kaelababy

Nursing Judah in Goldfish

Dammie and Judah playing on the "stage"

After the Social, we met up with poppa at a mexican restaurant and had a family dinner.  Lion did not manage to convince Dammie he was well enough to spend the night. 🙂  Both kids fell asleep an the way home, and after they were in bed, we enjoyed another special evening with friends, including another special visit from Liz!  Such a treat of a day.


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