13 Days of Peace and Love at Paxbaby

Sweet peaceful long sleep

So, my friends at Paxbaby have me thinking; Why am I so in love with babywearing?  I am totally over the moon obsessed with babywearing, and I teach it, live it, and breath it.

What is it that I love so much?  Well, off the top of my head. . .

fuzzy baby heads

hugs that last for hours

baby droolie kisses

sweet exhaling sighs of a sleeping baby close to my heart

Breastfeeding in front of many with secrecy

long stares into deep baby eyes

never chasing my 2 year old into the street!

Crumbs down my shirt (front or back, I love both!)

Being able to have my babies nap on the go and not being stuck at home

warmth and closeness

But most of all, I LOVE HAPPY BABIES!

Nursing Judah in Goldfish



Nati Savannah and a willing wrappee! 40 lbs 2 1/2 yrs.

newborn back nap

snapshot of ann arbor babywearers!


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