Catching up Around the House

Endless fascination with her brother

Today we hung around the house, just to make sure everybody was feeling better before friends day tomorrow.

Mommy baked gfcf chocolate cupcakes while judah was on my back.

Nati svannah = no sleepy dust

Night Rainbow was a bit more acceptable

Who ate one I wonder?

And she's out

We are still having ec success, notice the nakey bum!

Mommy also spent some time talking to her TBW’er friends in Russia and closer, and we all played with the wraps together.

Wrap stash play

lots out on loan, but aren't they pretty?

On a more serious note.  Kyle came home from work early VERY sick believing that he was contaminated by dairy  while working in a restaurant this morning.  He has been incapacitated for the rest of the day with headaches, body pain and extreme nausea.  I am so glad we found this special diet, but it has made the reactions he has much worse when he has them, and it is scary.  At least we haven’t seen a migraine like this in a while.


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