A Little Visitor

This morning Baby Max came over early while his mamma went to work, and he was a treat for us all!

Dyed Natty Linen

I want to hug baby Max!

All of us at 7:30 am with Kyle behind the camera

He is a happy baby, so easy

Then we all had a bath

Kyle helped so much this morning before work

Then we tried a bottle in Jade royal and then a back nap, but Royal was not max's wrap of choice. . .

Nati Bamboo Linen gold pearl seemed a bit more his style. . . look at those lovely eyes!


My children were so in love with and amazed by Max, that they put off their own nursing needs until he was asleep, with no thought at all.

First Judah's turn

Then Lion

We were all happy to see Max wake up to play

Lauren is refining her babywearing skills very quickly, Max was in love with the sling wall!

a second meal in the rastamamma sling

Some Earthy Rainbow Snuggles while we tried out a pacifier, for kicks ( he will latch it! Something I can only dream of my babies doing. . .)

He fell asleep while I was cleaning the kitchen, and Judah napped in bed

Isn't he a heart stopper?

Then Mamma Came Home!!!!!

Gretchen tried out cranberry sijira psling, which arrived today on a visit from a friend in California

psling fabric is special made, and so soft

Judah popped in for a nurse as well. This fabric is to die for!

We also got a Lana Tattoo in a temporary trade today from a friend in chicago.

First Kalila wanted uppies on my back!

This wrap is perfect for a big toddler!

Then on mamma's back

It's always so hard to say goodbye at Gillians house

Nati Savannah to cook dinner. Again, super soft wrap by Nati baby, they must have a secret cotton supply. . .

Gillian signed up for gmail and we had so much fun chatting and obsessing over wraps.  What we love, what we have on the way, and what they feel like.  It is so nice to have another friend to share this obsession with!  Kyle came home late and I think we are all destined for bed soon.  We hope to have Max again for a visit someday, it was a highlight for sure!


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