A Big Technological Leap Forward for Everyone!

Well,  today I had a quick client at The Indigo Forest for a ringsling use consultation first thing in the morning.  I love that Beth let’s me use her office on occasion, it allows me to meet women for free or very little, at a place that I usually need to go anyway.  Such a deal for all involved!

Then we took Lion for his ultimate weekend getaway to Dammies house.  We met up with the gang at costco, and did a little stocking up after the exchange.  Here was today’s first great leap; Mamma got an Itouch.  I have been playing with it all evening and getting to know it.  It is going to be my new time clock, carrier library inventory, calender and all around fun gamey thing!!!  So far so good.

Then, Fluffy Mail from the UK!!!

Felice Girasol 2.6

Judah is almost 10 months old already!

First (shoddy) RUB in it

Then, Kyle’s big leap forward, his first back wrapping by himself!

Superman Toss


success on the first pass. . .

Get walkin' dadda!

Rosey Cheeked

Happily Wearing

Sleeping on Daddy

We really miss Lion and we talked to him on the phone and he said he was having a great time and coloring pictures.  I can’t wait to see him tomorrow for lunch.


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