A Visit to Both Grandparents

This morning we started out the day at one grandparents house, before we moved to the other. Breakfast was amazing and so was lunch.  At my  parents house we enjoyed a beautiful Gluten and Caesin free breakfast, as well as all of the goodies from their recent trip to Guatemala.

Handwoven Guatemalan Baby Wrap from Nanna & Poppa's Trip

A beautiful weaving we both fell in love with

The other side

Beautiful colors

Beautiful Craftsmanship

The Amaryllis Were in Full Bloom all Over my Parents Home

This is one plant!

The House Looked Lovely Today


Nanna and Judah

Looking at Photos from the trip

Weaving thread displays at the market in Guatemala

Goodnight Moon

Then off to Howell to get our little man, and have the most beautiful lunch I have ever seen! Lentil and meat taco bar, with all of the fixings!

So colorful!

Katherine bounced while we all ate

Then Judah!

Dammie is so magical

Judah loves books

Reading all together

The Tickle Monster

Tickle Judah!

Soooo Big

Yummy Fingers!


A big smile from Katherine!

My MIL is quite a sewer and has a beautiful fabric closet

Plans fro Judah's Quilt!

The boys sure are getting big. . .

Nursing Lion in Cranberry Sijira

Nursing Judah in our beautiful Psling visitor

Let’s just say, that Lion did not want to leave Dammies house, and leave it at that!


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