Babywearing Madness Continues

Today was a Tuesday!  I made an amazing breakfast that everybody was really happy with, no pic, but, rice and bans, scrambled eggs, and canadian bacon.  The plate was beautiful.  We had oranges with us for a snack at babywearing group and it was a wrappin’ day!

Katie with her new shorty

Judah asleep in our new Felice shorty and Lion nursing

Re-wrapped her while still asleep so i could teach with more ease

New Storchenweige Lily, Barb's first woven!

Preston tried alot of carriers while sleeping today (silly goose here)

Kool aid dyed Natural wool indio, it's Gillian's, but Caren fell in love with first touch.

Well used stroller

New friend, with a lo on the way!

Wendy from TBW'er

Gillian's new Fire and Ice Girasol

Then home to play with Lauren

Burrito Kid!

in the Ikea bag

Going for a ride

Judah right now, nappin' in pfau


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