Yesterday is tough to write about.  I took the children to temple in the morning for a friends mothers funeral.  I spent all the rest of the day thinking about the speakers words at the funeral, especially the rabbi’s words.  All day I thought about mothers and children, and nurturing and closeness.  To see the beginning of the service, and to walk back to the car I wore Lion on my back in our borrowed Lana Tattoo, and Judah in our Aare sbp.

Wearing two is so much easier than chasing one.

We stopped at the grocery store then went to Gillians house to play with wraps, cheer up, and have lunch.

Gillian Lovin' Felice

Lion's turn

Gillians Turn!

Kalila "cooking" and eating puffs

I tried Gillian's new Vatanai Solsbury

and Gillian tried Jade Royal

Then I went home and wrapped myself in the Guatemalan baby carrier my parents just gave me while I did housework. 🙂

Then I folded and played  with my wraps and fabric, and took a few pictures, since things are changing a lot right now.

Summer's Day, my favorite gradation on a silk indio, and my beautiful dog looking out on a grey winter day

My didymos wraps, minus, goldfish on vacation on the west coast 🙂

Lion let me wrap him in the evening

Loving every moment Lion let's me wrap him!

EC is now the norm to Judah around the house

Last night Judah did not sleep well. . . . understatement of the week.

Me at 3 am sitting on the exercise ball with Judah


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