No Memory Card in the Camera!

Well, it’s not much of a blog without pictures.  But we spent the morning at Caren’s house,  letting the kids run wild while we bounced ideas about carriers off of each other.  I feel an all consuming life changing idea coming on!   It was magical, and we also swapped fabrics and snacked with the boys.  I am so sad she is going to be moving away.


Then to Gillian’s for lunch, more playtime and some serious mamma time.  I love spending my time with GIllian, it was such a treat to not run off, and to hang with everybody for a while.  I am worried that Lion as eaten something in the past week that is making him sick though, and I am on serious mommy radar after the time at gillians, as she seems to agree with me.

Then, after dinner, Kyle took the kids to the indoor carpet RC car racing track.  Made sure to send a camera with him!  So cool, daddy has the best ideas and is so fun I’m sure.

Playing with friends

asleep on daddy's back while the boys race!

The Carpet Track

The home time gave me a turn to organize and inventory my carrier library.  (or at least start to. . .) The Ipod app iInvertory is really helping me out.  It even has a “lend it out” function!

The teaching and Lending Library of ringslings


3 thoughts on “No Memory Card in the Camera!

  1. Random favour to ask: I *think* I have seen your pic over at Natural Mamas? I’ve just started a new babywearing blog for twins – or just tandem wearing. In the process of collecting pics for a gallery, so that I can help enable people who aren’t into babywearing their twins at the mo. I have several women, but they’ve all given SSC pics. I was wondering, pretty please, if you would be willing to share a pic or two of tandem wearing with wraps? Or ringslings? No prob if not. The blog is

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