A chilly day with friends

Doing a Puzzle together

Dark Blue Tri 3, no sleepey dust

Jade Le Deli LOVE this new wrap it is staying forever! Full of sleepy dust. 🙂

Sweetness Embodied

Meaghan and Edith came over for an amazing visit.  She is 13 months old now!  Unbelievable!

Play cubes are great inside during the winter


Doing it all by herself!

They Tried Dk. Blue Tri (bribery works every time!)

Edith is such a peach!

Brightly colored babies!

Then we went into town to meet up with Krista and her children for Lunch at Kosmos.  We played upstairs after in Mudpuddles and really enjoyed catching up with each other.

playing checkout guy

Jan and Judah, Connecting.

Dancing after Dinner, Daddy is such a Goof!

Manah manah de de de dee dee

Judah was dancing too!

Mommy too!

We live for family time!


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