So many activities, it’s hard to pick a title

This morning I had a home visit with a client with a brand new 3 week old girl.  Shortest home visit ever, and very joyful.   They were snuggling in a Moby wrap they already owned in 25 minutes.  Then, after picking up Lion at Gillian’s, and visiting with Gretchen while there we arrived home to fluffy mail that I was beginning to think was lost. . .

Long awaited international fluffy!!!

It arrived like this, mangled by customs, and not even resealed

Natural Linen Indio 6!

Then we went to Caren’s house because I had some more fab inspiration from this mornings client, and she just got a huge shipment of padding delivered in a semi-truck, and turned all of the amazing boxes into a fort!

The Padding Box Fort!

Then it was on to Tot Shabbat and dinner after, and then Friday Night Live Service!!

We light, we light, we light the candles. . .

What's in the Ark for us tonight?

Abby and Yehudah in Zara Aubergine SBP

and then when our service has ended, we all take a walk down the hall. . .

For our own meal I made rice and beans and brought hotdogs, and we ate salad galore and applesauce  too!

Judah loves to eat

Kyle snagged some amazing shots of Judah this evening.

Lot's of playtime after dinner, before shirah.

For the wrappin' mamma's too!

Beautiful Success, 10 wks. old

We had a fairly easy time putting the kids to bed.  Which is a rare and special treat.

Then we got to hang out with our neighbor who has always been around the corner, but we never really got to know until now.  Eric’s mom, Mary, and she is so great!  She fits right in with our little gang.


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