Special Saturday Visitors

This morning Kyle took the children on errands while I cooked a big soup and got ready for Greg and Sandy to come visit.  I made a Chicken, black eyed peas and veggies soup, and it made the house smell great.

Wearing Daddy's Hat Out to the Car

While the kids were out, Sean stopped by to have a rare visit with his son.  He usually does not have custody.  It was amazing to see them together, you could see that they both cherished every moment.

Father and Son

He is just over 2 years old

Helping him drink from the orange


Then Sean left to bring his son home, as Sandy and Greg arrived!

Happy soon-to-be Parents

Using my new natty linen to play hostess and comfort the babe at the same time

Red black indio, to snuggle through lunch

Sweet sleeper

I cannot imagine not having a baby in my life to wear.

Then, after Lunch, and talk about Gluten and Casein Free madness, we all got a sandy special haircut!

Mamma first, nursing in Aare ringsling

The sun made lion's haircut tough to photograph, but he was eager and well behaved.

Then, Daddy's Turn

He's still a longhair, don't you all worry. 🙂

Greg and Sandy are so in love, with each other, and their child.

More Natty linen to end the night. This wrap is supportive heaven, I was going to dye it, but it may stay my first natural wrap ever. . .


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