Spreading the babywearing Love

This morning we went to a friends house for breakfast, and to help her husband catch the babywearing bug.  A much needed transfer of knowledge, and a fabulous time was had by all.  We brought Rice and beans and guacamole, and there was fruit and eggs and tortillas.

Tuula wearing her baby, and Lion pushing his

Beautiful Breakfast

Judah is really falling for baby dolls

Kyle teaching Obeth while wearing Judah

Comfy Cozy

Kyle wrapping judah in Natty linen, he has requested it be gradation dyed. . . we will see.

The kids at the kids table

Wearing her baby on her back like mamma

Gretchen trying a Kaela'ed and Becca's house'd silk indio

Giving the dog some love while the kids have their afternoon nap

I taught my first babywearing lesson by skype today, no pictures during, but this is the wrap carnage after.

SIlk indio while cooking dinner, seems like an odd choice for cooking, but I was in a luxury mood after the successful skype lesson.

It looks like I’m going to have a sick Lion home tomorrow, and will have to cancel my visit to the Wein-Martin House. But probably some big boy wrapping!  (insert evil grin here)  I hope he wakes up healthy.


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