Wrapping and wraps and love

This morning Lion did wake up fine and he did go to Gillians while I went to visit Abby and Yehudah.

Practicing her double Hammock carry (wrap is Inka Storch)

She is really committed and doing so well

Judah Buddah

Yehudah Buddah

Judah slept for the last part of the visit

Soft Flannely Polka old weave Girasol

After, we went and hung out all together at Gillians for some quality time and lunch.  We found a really great site for us to buy the kids yo gabba and sesame stickers, tattoos and such.  They should be here thursday and I am so excited!!!!

Watching Little Bear, the mamma's needed a break!

After Gillian’s house  the kids had a nap while I cleaned as usual, and then Lion and I enjoyed our new international fluffy mail from Slovak republic, Chocco SUT (Stillen Und Tragen) It means Nursing and carrying in german, and it’s arrival has been long awaited because my teacher designed the symbol, and I did not like the original colorway, but I love this one!  Plus it is extra wide, so we will be able to use it for our big kids!

Hooray for international friends!

I think it was the longest that Lion was ever in a wrap on my back

They are starting to want the same toys! It begins. . .


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