Tuesdays mean Pictures!

I Love Ann Arbor Babywearers.  It is the best part of my week.  Lion went to spend most of the day with Nana and Baba to brighten up their day.

Meaghan and Kyle with their matching Hopp's Luzern and Panama

Little Climber

Meaghan and Edith trying Natty Linen Indio

Jenny Teaching, she is now a super pro babywearer!

Jenny really tried out her back carries today, first her ringsling

Then her babyhawk!

Kyle made up a fun game, spinning the kids around on the stopwatch!


It was snowing all day and Kyle recieved no calls for work.  So after Ann Arbor babywearers we stopped at Whole foods for some supplies and then right home to hole up for the evening.  Unless you were Kyle and Lion.  Then you went to the dirt track and raced Remote Control Cars untill 9:00 at night.


One thought on “Tuesdays mean Pictures!

  1. I love all of your babywearing pictures. I wear my twins all the time! I couldn’t get anything done if I didn’t. Haha. I found your blog off of PaxBaby. Loved the submission. I was on Day 8. 🙂


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