Valentines day party at Parenting Arts

This morning before the Valentines party I had a terrible motherly urge to make the children pose for pictures.  Sorry Family! (But aren’t they cute!)

Beautiful Goofy Closeness

Valentine Cutie Pies!

Headband Switch!

Then off to Parenting Arts Attachment Parenting Playgroup

She loves to climb a lot, it used to be cute, it's starting to get dangerous because of how fast she is!

Meaghan with the girls

On the move

Judah was really sleepy so Meaghan tried out her new didy vogels (birds) on her

Gillian and Kalila loved Casey's Kindercarry

Lion had so much fun playing and spinning with the big kids!

Katie and her night rainbow shorty

Liz in the O&A from the AABW'ers library

Judah is loving the independence of sippy cups

My new custom O&A from Caren. LOVE IT! 18 in, no hood, TDF!

Laying Flat

After Parenting Arts we met with some of our other mommy friends for a Lunch and social time.  I really enjoy spending time with my friend Krista.  We have so much to talk about with our busy lives that run parallel with so many similar interests.

at home playing before dinner

Doing a puzzle all by himself

Big Sur Girasol SBP around the house

Nati Savannah to cook dinner

It's so nice to have daddy home for dinner

Daddy wore judah to sleep in Nati Savannah while Lion and I went to sleep in his room

This night I was successful doing EC in the middle of the night with Judah for the first time.  She peed at 4:15 am in the potty, then went right back to sleep.


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