Friday Fun

Lion Spent the morning with Gillian, while I met up with the owner of The Indigo Forest by chance, for a fabulous lunch and planning session.  We have so many things to look forward to.  I hope that they will help Ann Arbor Babywearers find a permanent meeting space in the spring or summer.  And maybe even an office for little old me by then if it seems necessary.

After I picked up Lion we had naptime and then off to tot shabbat at Temple Beth Emeth!

Nursing in Felice Girasol at tot Shabbat

What's in the Ark?

After Temple I went home and made a huge Taco Bar with lentils and chicken and all kinds of yummyness, for friends galore.  Tucker even made it upstairs for dinner which I love.

A Big Dinner With Friends

Taco Bar with Chicken, Lentils, Lettuce, Salsa, guac, and green beans and corn

Eric is a Babywearin' Daddy

Lion and Cassie played late into the night


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