Split up by Gender

Saturday was a RC car racing day for the boys, and the girls went to a client in the morning, then were home for the afternoon.

This morning’s visit was to a lovely family in Brighton with a 5 year old and an 8 week old.  We tried alot of slings and carriers but they were really happy with a moby and earthy rainbow Kaela.  The requested mot to be photographed, but both mommy and daddy were successful, and they even let me wrap the tiny beautiful girl.  I felt so blessed!  Wearing a tiny baby is like no other feeling on earth for me.

Wore my big girl to sleep today though.  First we tried Jade delhi in a Ruck tied in front.  I think she only wants to sleep in multilayered carries because she stayed wide awake for a long time.

First nap attempt, failed 🙂

Zara Forest for a second attempt, total cuteness!

Success! Now posting on TBW'er and raising money for more Zara's!

She was a bit grumpy when she woke up, so we walked to the mailbox to check for surprises. Look at that Stink Eye!

Beautiful fabric from Spoonflower.com (evil Caren 🙂 )

Gluten and Dairy free pizza from the freezer with onions and ham added by yours truly.


It's beautiful

Tried to nurse to sleep in Nati Bamboo linen gold pearl, but she stayed up to see daddy.

Lion was tired after a day taking turns between the RC car track with daddy and the Hands on Museum with Lauren.  He is such a joy, and so many people love him.


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