Valentines Day!

I took the best Valentines pictures of the kids this morning!  Nothing makes them valentine-y except it being valentines day. I wore both kids in natty linen alternately for their various needs and snapped these true gems!

I Love My Son

Sooooo Much

Serious Face

Gimmie that Camera!

Sleepy dust in this wrap taking effect. . . .

Closeness and the Love it Brings

Then later this morning we met up with Nana and Pop-pop and Baba at the Zingerman’s Roadhouse for breakfast.  The roadhouse is great and accomadates our special Gluten and dairy free needs so well!

Judah greeting Nana

Baba, Judah, and Nana

Hoppa Hoppa Rider!

I think she liked it!

Kyle did lot's of walking around to put Judah to sleep (in Aare Sbp)

Looking at Izzy and Gabbie (Karen's Grandchildren)

Kyle gave me this beautiful handmade pendant of a Native american woman tending her corn. This pendant speaks to me of nurturing the earth and her children.

Pop pop explaining some Yoshitoshi prints he is thinking of adding to his collection

By the time the food arrived, she was out.

After Breakfast, Nana and I went to the mall to buy me some clothes for my ever morphing body.  They are so generous, Judah scored some new duds too!  She fell asleep after our first try on session in Jade royal while we walked the mall.

Checking out at Macy's

Passed out for the rest of the mall walk

The evening at home together was wonderful.  I made a big Spiral noodle and veggie dish for dinner with a simple salad on the side.

Oh, and I’m a size 8, how did that happen?


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