Ann Arbor Babywearers Day!

This morning there was a little snow, but I was glad when I got to the mall and found many moms and kids already there early, ready to learn and play.  I am so grateful to the women who continue to show up and make this group fun and exciting and beneficial to all who walk by and see us, as well as those who stop and ask and stay!

Senade was there looking all Serene and peaceful and motherly in Zara Lemongrass

Wendy and Steph came from far away, which always makes things special. Wendy, lovin on Jade Delhi

Steph's Turn!

Me and Maggie in SI Grad

Learning the Double Hammock

Very Good Second Attempt!

Wendy was super happy with her new O&A from Caren

Maggie with her own mamma

Look at the little belly with the boy!

Steph and Nora Lovin' on Jade royal

Sage Wrapping his Sister (10 yrs, and 1 1/2 years)

Sibling Wearing, and Proud

Meaghan and Edith in Zara Original in a rebozo back carry

Packing up to go to lunch at olga's or back to work, for some.

Steph's perfect enviable RUB (Ruck tied under bum)

Then home for a nap and some playtime together.

Close siblings have and easy time playing with each other, very early!

Peekaboo Judah!

The Most Super Fluffiest Mail Ever!

3 of the 4 expected Rastamamma Girasols arrived today!

Obligatory action shot!

SUT to try for a nap, with no success. (also the camera was acting funny. . . .)

Tried a cuddle in Natty Linen Ringsling with no sleepy dust

Mark stopped by with Edith, and Daddy came home too!

A bounce a bounce

Mark's Turn!

Super slide fun


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