Monday Monday

While Lion was at Gillians I did some bulk cooking of a big yummy soup with lentils black eyed peas and veggies.

Last Night's rotini stir fry for lunch and snacking while I cooked in Bulk

The soup boiling away

Then I brought some wraps over to Gillians and we played catch the baby.

Judah is the easiest to catch by default

It's hard to get a good tuck under the bum with out a diaper!

Lovin' on the girls in Natty linen indio

I caught one too! (In Peacock Girasol)

"I want to touch the butterflies like Kalila Mamma!"

Kisses from the man of my dreams! (Well one of them 🙂 )

Gillian and Kalila Snuggling in Silk Indio Gradation by Honeywrap

When we got home, the kids helped fold the wraps 🙂

Lauren Practiced a Kangaroo hip carry with Violet White Indio

While Lion played pretend with the Hoppa Horse

He insisted on sharing his real water with hoppa, and ran off from the table and poured it in the potty.

Lauren and Judah were Quite Comfy and Beautiful

Peaceful in Bed


And after the kids were asleep, more yummmm!

Baking midnight snacks with my beloved


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