Friends Day!

This morning we headed off to Parenting Arts attachment parent playgroup.  It was a wrapping blast!  Plus I had an interesting lunch at whole foods with gretchen Tuula and Max afterwords.  We were ment to sit with Gillian too, but it was enough to sit close by.  I think it’s a sign we are getting very close.

The Beanbags were a new addition today, and did not go unnoticed by the kids

Casey brought Stella (her niece) to playgroup too!

Grtechen with Tuula in a Ruck tied tibetan (Ulli Storch)

These few are great! Max is so snuggly!

It is so nice to share wrapping with my friends

Natty Linen, my fast, dare I say favorite?

Casey Thought Stella might be tired, so Katja conversion it is!

She was so right! (isn't Max the cuddliest?!)

Gillian helping Kalila Wrap her Baby

Hard at play

Evan was really excited to wear his baby too!

Have I mentioned I love natty linen?

The rest of the Rasta's arrived today from Russia!

And Toscana Ellipsen, passing through, although I feel an iso coming on. . .

Isn't it beautiful? It's supportive too. . . .

Gretchen's rainforest Girasol arrived today too

We played some fun games with the wraps today!  First the slide after mommy’s picture session.


He wanted to try alot of different wraps. . . and would not hold still!

Untill we tied up a wrap swing, then he was an easy photo target!

Kyle wore Judah down to sleep in our BB-slen Green Peas, made over by Jan at Sleeping Baby Productions.  (of course)

Proud self timer shot! (I should learn to do that maybe. . .) 🙂


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