A bit of a friends day

It was so nice that Kyle did not have to rush off to work this morning and he got to enjoy the children at their best.

Sharing morning playtime with daddy

A practiced hopper

Used the Toscana Elipsen once more before I had to send it home. Why do some wraps have to be sooooo beautiful?

The Lion got to ride with Kyle to Gillian’s and enjoy Sage’s last day in town.  Sage will be back for easter, and we will miss him so much.  In addition to cleaning out all of my clothing that does not fit me anymore (an ongoing project) I made a picture tutorial at home for the babywearer on how to tuck your babies head into the wrap after they fall asleep.  It was great!  here is the before and after.

I used Gretchen's new Rainforest Girasol for the series, and it is so to die for beautiful.

Asleep with hood. check out http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/showthread.php?p=4153413#post4153413 for the whole thing.

I had a fabulous time giving Gretchen her wrap at Gillians, but I was late because of having so much fun making the tutorial.  Very embarrassing.

Kalila fell asleep in Zara Forest

Then The kids and I went to Lunch at Siam Square to meet Jamie, the Doula soon-to-be Midwife who caught Judah and helped me through Lions long birth as well.

Jamie and Judah

Meaghan stopped by for an hour while our children napped and we discussed heavily wraps, wrapping, trading wraps, and babies, both current and future.  It was the most wonderful visit!  I wish we could hang out everyday.

We decided no tot shabbat tonight and went into downtown Ann arbor to try to visit my old manager at the bead gallery, who is pregnant and we wanted to touch the belly. 🙂

Jade Royal and Panama Hopp

She was not there, but after, at our dinner at the Earthen Jar we ran into Chad and Amanda, and had the most amazing visit.  We discussed diet and fertility and all kinds of amazing things!  I am really hoping that we spend more time with them in the near future.


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