An Oh-So-Eventful Day ending in Dreads

I started the morning off with a home visit to Liz and Maggie

Kangaroo Hip carry in Silk indio.

Double Hammock

Into a nap

Same for us. . .

Finding Liz a wrap online

Kyle took the kids to Meijers to get groceries and give Mamma some alone time

Wrap swingin' with Rastamamma girasol and Choco wide SUT

Rasta Dadda

Then Sandy abd Greg came over to Dreadlock my hair on a whim. Don't ask.

Kyle wore Judah down in Dyed Natty Linen ringsling

It took untill late into the night

Sandy is doing so well, and we expect to meet her beautiful baby girl in the next 7-10 weeks!  I made a huge GFCF Chicken noodle soup and corn on the cob and green beans, and we snacked on it all into the night.


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