Yay Tuesday!!!! Let the Wearing Begin!

Was up early nursing Lion in our new Honeywrap Hemp while the rest of the house stayed asleep

With flash 🙂

I arrived to this lovely sight

I am so excited for my deep sea fish!!!! Look at Preston vogue, and Caren's perfect wrap job. I would do anything to have her stay.

Hi Preston!

Meaghan in our undetermined Nino, but this pic of the color is very accurate on my screen. Any guesses would be appreciated!

Both my kids would rather do this with a pacifier than use it for what it's ment for, no matter how hard I tried.

Meaghan and Edith taking our new hemp for a spin. We are thinking of naming it "Blood Orange Hemp"

Stunning GIrls and Stunning Wrap

Our Turn!

Gillian meeting Blood Orange for the first time

Judah Napping In Natty Linen

This awesome Twin mom was just hangin at the Mall and is now on her way to being a pro I'm sure

Sweet sleeping girl

Double napping

Senade arriving with her whole family!

Double Duty

Henry in his Babyhawk sweetly sleeping

Eeeek! I love when Jane and Phoebe show up to anything!!!


Lauren Stopped by too!

Oh my Cuteness!

Twins Down

Gotta Run

Hi Dadda!

Eating at California Pizza Kitchen

Wrapping up our amazing Salads, and Babies to go home

After Naptime is always Potty time

You better come and get me before I discover what I put in the potty!

Playing while mamma unpacks the carriers

Drumming on the wraps

Lion wanted a ride in Jade delhi, and Judah decided she needed up as well

Kyle took the kids to the dirt track for maintenance night in zara forest

Daddy needed to change his carpet tires to dirt tires and Judah helped! Mommy Stayed home and Blogged


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