I think Winter Finally came!

I took Judah on errands in the snow while Lion played with Gillian this morning.

Goldfish swam home yesterday, so we took them out for a bit.

Edith and Lion playing the piano at Gillians

ok this is a series of judah playing with a balloon I took during naptime while all of the food was a cookin’.  We will get to the food in a bit. 🙂

Hmmmm, this thing has a nipple!!!

No milk though, can I just say, glad it's not me!

So much fun!

Ok now to the food agenda for the day.  I made a huge Veggie Noodle Soup, some for tonight and one meal to freeze.  I always keep the noodles seperate.  Gluten free pasta is great when served right away, but it’s goopy if it sits in the soup more than overnight.  I’m pretty sure this is true for wheat noodles too.

The soup also had lots of chicken, and kyle has been requesting potatoes

Tinkayada Rotini

This salad had Romain, Spinach, Yellow peppers, blackbeans, chicken, red onion, cucumber, and tomatoes

This lentil-carrot dip will last the whole week for chips, veggies and it's also baby food

Lauren hung out with us on our super snowing evening while we waited for daddy, delayed by bad roads.

Reading books

Judah is a clapping, singing, joyful, babbling baby! She "read" along the whole time.


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