Last night was one of those nights that makes you tell your friends without kids, “don’t do it” , I just need these teeth to come in already!

We started or day with a loooong nap in Zara Forest while we did laundry and dishes and other exciting things. Don't I look thrilled?

Gluten free snack for Lion of gf pretzel sticks and carrot sticks and hummus

I feel a photo shoot for Judah coming up really soon!

Lion and I played "Silly Faces" the game while Kyle and Judah took a nap upstairs

I cooked alot today.  I made a very traditional chicken salad, with carrots, celery, red onion, and fresh chicken breasts from sparrow market.

Lion and I had matching salads for lunch! 🙂

Then we went to the Purim Celebration at Temple Beth Emeth to meet up with Heidi and her kids; Isabella, Gabriella and Jay.

Lion Dressed up in his halloween costume "Sully" from Monsters Inc. I wore his dress up cape, and I took some beautiful and fun pictures of the Rabbi.

He was so animated, and so much fun.

Making Noise to drown out the name of Hamen.

Holding up the Megillah, and reading the end

Then we went to the California Pizza Kitchen with Izzy and Gabbie and fam, and everyone tried out the O&A! (and Loved it) 🙂

Izzy, 6 yrs 44 ish lbs.

I really enjoyed connecting with Heidi, and she hinted at the idea that she may be moving back into town.  Lion and her children get along really well, and I know they will be lifelong friends, like me and Heidi.

Judah was not too thrilled when I got home, but everyone is asleep peacefully now.


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