Yesterday was A Big Race Day!

We ran errands today in Night Rainbow 2.  Value world, and the dollar store, where I found some special crayons shaped like animals that I am so excited to share with Lion.

Lion loves to peel the paper off of the crayons and make a big mess, these have no paper, bonus for me!

Met Nanna and Babba for Lunch at Bells Diner for Korean food after our errands.

Playing hand clapping games

Judah is a bit under the weather, every picture of her today looks heavy faced, like this one.

Then a Nap at home in Natural Linen Indio. This Wrap is Amazingly Supportive, I always grab it when I know I'm in for a long wear.

We met up with the boys at Gillian's for a taco Bar and fun with the Nintendo Wii

Kyle told us all about his race day and the addition of Gillian’s youngest son to the day.  Kyle won the big race for the first time, which means he will race for free next time, and possibly move up from being a novice soon.  They used the O&A the whole time, and Lion fell asleep in it at the end of the day.

Watching each other Bowl on the huge tv, I totally should post a pic of it. 🙂

GIllian and I are too diehard, and talked Wraps the whole time.  I finally wrapped with the rastamamma

I still need to get the light right on this wrap

Judah should have some new teeth any day, nights have been tough with her

Still lovin' my dreads, I feel beautiful with very little effort.


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