Tuesdays at Babywearers

Hemp Love, before passing it on to Gillian for the week

Noel Convinced her mamma, to take Nati Savannah off my hands. . . 🙂

Did you ever see such closeness and love

Noel loved her first Double Hammock!

Gillian finally tried Jade Royal, I will get her thoughts later. . . .

Practicing the Double Hammock

1 twin sleeping peacefully

And the other's turn! While the first transfered to the stroller

Super fun new member today, with her 6 wk old

My mom helped Lion retain some freedom today during along babywearers meeting.

Double Cuddles

Getting Ready to go home in Kiwi Girasol 4 Short Cross Carry

All bundled up!

There is something really great about the self shots, I love them, I hope you all do too.

Lion's Super amazing Lunch with Sweet potato fries, and an awesome salad with almonds, grilled sweet potato, bacon, cucumber, carrot and peppers and spinach

This Choco Wide SUT is going to break my heart if is sells, It's so beautiful and soft.

Fussy Bedtime Snuggles with a Sick Daddy


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