Lots of Appointments and an evening of mourning

Snuggles in a sijira ringsling, so soft and cuddly

Deep sea fish this morning for naptime snuggles

trying to see if this wrap passes the long nap test

Then I made a fresh whole chicken in the crockpot with all kinds of beautiful vegetables, this purple potato was extra special.

The Chicken is a mourning gift for my friends the Lindenbergs, who have lost a beloved family member.  We will be going to a mourning service this evening at their home.

We had to wake the kids to go in to our NAET appointment and they were both a total wreck the entire time

Playing with Izzy and Gabbie and Jay in the basement before the shiva service

Judah and Izzy

The children are blessed with ignorance of the sadness of their Grandparents, and played the whole time, and they really enjoy each other and play so well.


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